2 uur 700
3 uur 1000
4 uur 1200
5 uur 1350
6 uur 1500
7 uur 1650
8 uur 1800
Overnachting | 12 uur 2200
Hele dag | 24 uur 3000
2 dagen | 48 uur 4500
Elke extra dag 1250
1 week 10000
Alleen gezelschap (per uur | min. 3 uur) 200
Meet & Greet 900
Wine & Dine 1000
Drinks & Dancing 1350
Menage a Trois 1850
Bed & Breakfast 2500

These rates are non-negotiable and applicable when payment is made in cash or via bank transfer. Payment with credit card is also welcomed however a 10% surcharge applies. Please note that we may need to take down your credit card details in advance so as to ask for authorization and that the courtesan of your choice will need to verify your ID (passport).

The rates for bookings of 3 hours or more are reduced and only apply to bookings that are made in advance or when an extension is decided within the 1st hour of your original appointment duration. Otherwise an hourly rate of € 300 applies.

* The prices on this page are only valid for bookings that take place in 2019: from January 1st. 2020 our prices for multiple hours, for couples and for kinky bookings will change. Bookings that are to take place in 2020 are subject to the new prices.


Some of the escorts we represent offer additional services to which a surcharge applies, such as couples´ service (please see  the individual profile page of your high class escort to see if she offers this service) or BDSM. The surcharge for couples can be found on the rates page of each individual companion, the surcharge for BDSM depends on your wishes and is therefor not set.

Accepted methods of payment

  • Cash (Euro, British Pounds and US Dollars; the last two at a surcharge)
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard, at a 10% surcharge)
  • Debit card (Maestro), no surcharge
  • Bank transfer (bank details are available upon request)
  • Bitcoin (wallet details are available upon request)

Travelling expenses

Travelling expenses apply when you would like to see your choice in high class escort in a different city than where she is based. Examples of these costs, as well as the minimum booking time required, can be seen in the rates section of her profile page. For cities that aren’t listed, the travel expenses are available upon request.

International escort bookings

The majority of the high class escort companions we represent are available for international bookings in Europe and worldwide (the latter only for existing customers). The minimum reservation period of a booking abroad depends on the location and the travel means. The terms and conditions for booking that are to take place outside of The Netherlands, can be found here.