Couple bookings

Pre-booked couple rates (excl. travel expenses)
2 hours 850
3 hours 1200
4 hours 1450
5 hours 1700
6 hours 1950
7 hours 2200
8 hours 2450
9 hours 2650
10 hours 2850
11 hours 3050
Overnight | 12 hours 3250
16 hours 3800
20 hours 4300
Whole day | 24 hours 4800
36 hours 6200
2 days | 48 hours 7500
Every additional day 2400
1 week 18000
Companionship only (per hour | min. 3 hours) 250
Packages Couple bookings
Meet & Greet (1 public & 2 private hours) 1100
Wine & Dine (2 public & 2 private hours) 1250
Drinks & Dancing (3 public & 3 private hours) 1750
Ménage à Quatre (3 hours with 2 courtesans) 2200
Bed & Breakfast for couples (1 public & 16 private hours) 3800
Accepted methods of payment

  • Cash (Euro, British Pounds and US Dollars; the last two at a surcharge)
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard, at a 10% surcharge)
  • Debit card (Maestro), no surcharge
  • Bank transfer (bank details are available upon request)
  • Tikkie app

Pre-booked rates & extensions
The pre-booked rates only apply when a booking is made in advance, or extended in the 1st hour. If you extend after the 1st hour, the following rates apply:

    • 400 euros for an extension from the 2nd hour to the 3rd hour
    • 300 euros for all hours that are extended after the 3rd hour
    • if you extend with 7 or more hours at once, the extension will be considered as a new bookings to which the  pre-booked rates apply. This amount comes on top of the initial booking fee

Travelling expenses
Travelling expenses apply if you see your high class escort in a different city than where she is based. These costs, as well as the minimum booking time required, are listed in the rates section of each courtesan’s individual profile page. For cities that aren’t listed, the travel expenses are available upon request.

Bookings of 8 hours or more made by new customers
If you haven’t made use of our services before and want to make a booking of 8 hours or more, we require a deposit of 200 euros if you wish secure the booking. The deposit can be paid into the bank (wire transfer or Tikkie) and will be deducted from the total booking fee.

Bookings of more than 24 hours in The Netherlands
If you make a booking of more than 24 hours in The Netherlands, it’s required that your courtesan:

    • has 1 hour per day to herself
    • can be contacted by us at all times
    • has at least 6 hours per night of undisturbed sleep
    • is offered 3 meals per day by you

If you book companionship-only, the following conditions apply:

    • the booking has to be for a minimum of 3 hours
    • there will not be any public displays of affection between you and your courtesan
    • the booking takes place in public

International escort bookings
The rates for bookings outside of The Netherlands are as listed on this page. The terms and conditions for international bookings can be found here.

We are open again! To make a booking as safe as possible for you and your courtesan, there are few guidelines that we currently follow. You will find them in our Client Etiquette.
We look forward to being of service to you.