Radio 538

Radio 538Jun 2020

As of July 1st, sex workers will finally be able to restart their activities. Radio 538 questions Esther Meppelink about what it is like for the branch to be allowed to start again. Esther says that they are very happy. And that it was also very unexpected,…


AT5 TVMay 2020

In an interview in May 2020 with AT5  Esther of The Courtesan Club, as chairman of the VER, describes the attitude of the sex industry towards the corona policy in the Netherlands. All contact jobs will be allowed again from July onwards, except that…

Radio 538

Radio 538May 2020

At the beginning of June, the organizations Proud, Sekswerk Expertise and Vereniging Exploitanten Relaxbedrijven held a press conference for sex workers in the Netherlands. The Dutch government stated that this professional group can start working again…

Reporters Online

Reporters OnlineFeb 2018

On Reporters online from February 2018, Esther, co-owner of The Courtesan Club, extensively discusses the ins and outs of the escort service. Esther talks about the escort agency’s mission, which includes transforming the negative image of the sex…

Vrouw magazine

Vrouw magazineNov 2017

In Vrouw, the supplement of newspaper Telegraaf of November 18th 2017, Gudrun (founder and co-owner) and Esther (co-owner) each tell about their starting point at The Courtesan Club. They also give a glimpse into their private lives and how their environment…

Volkskrant Magazine

Volkskrant MagazineJun 2017

Volkskrant Magazine of June 24th of 2017 features an article about a night at The Courtesan Club. Journalist Margot Pol interviews escort lady and student Noa. She talks about her work as an escort model and how she deals with a double life. She also…


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