Rates couple bookings

2 hours 850
3 hours 1200
4 hours 1550
5 hours 1800
6 hours 2050
7 hours 2300
8 hours 2500
9 hours 2700
10 hours 2900
11 hours 3100
12 hours 3300
13 hours 3450
14 hours 3600
15 hours 3750
16 hours 3900
17 hours 4050
18 hours 4200
19 hours 4350
20 hours 4500
21 hours 4600
22 hours 4700
23 hours 4800
24 hours | Whole day 4900
36 hours 6300
48 hours | 2 days 7500
Every additional day 2400
1 week 18000
Accepted methods of payment

  • Cash (Euro, British Pounds and US Dollars; the last two at a surcharge)
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard, at a 5% surcharge)
  • Debit card (Maestro), no surcharge
  • Bank transfer (bank details are available upon request)
  • Tikkie app


Our Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings. You can find them here.

Minimum booking duration

The minimum booking duration depends on the travel time of your courtesan from her to your address:

– Up to 1 hour travel time: minimum 2 hours
– From 1 to 2 hours travel time: minimum 3 hours
– More than 2 hours travel time: minimum 4 hours, with a maximum of 6

Travel costs

If you meet your courtesan in the city where she lives, no travel expenses apply.

If you meet your courtesan outside the city in which she lives, then travel expenses of €1 per kilometer apply, the distance being calculated from door to door, one way.

If your courtesan travels by public transport, the travel allowance is calculated as follows:

– € 1 per kilometer from your courtesan’s address to the train station closest to your address.
– €2 per kilometer from the nearest train station to your address.

Travel costs are rounded to the nearest ten.

NB. If your location is very difficult to reach, or the booking ends so late that it is not possible for your courtesan to travel back by public transport, TCC may adjust the travel expenses.

Extending a booking

The hourly rates on this page always apply. In case a booking is extended in the last hour only, a surcharge of € 50 is added to the total amount. Any subsequent extensions made in the last hour also incur a surcharge of € 50.


The prices on this page apply to payments in cash, payments with debit card and bank transfers. To credit card payments a surcharge of 5% applies.

As not all our high class escorts carry a mobile pin machine, it’s required that you inform us in advance of your preferred method of payment.

Cash: If you pay in cash, please hand your courtesan the money in an open envelope so that she can quickly count it after receipt. She won’t accept bank notes of € 500.
Credit card: If you pay with a credit card, your courtesan will ask you to show your ID. Please have it at hand.
Bank transfer: A bank transfer needs to be in our account at least 4 hours before the start of your booking. If desired, we can send you a Tikkie (only available for holders of a Dutch bank account)


Companionship-only bookings always take place in public and have a minimum duration of 3 hours. The following conditions apply:

  • There will not be any physical public display of affection between you and your courtesan
  • The amount for the first 3 hours is € 700
  • After the first 3 hours, the hourly rate is € 200

International bookings

You can find our conditions for international bookings here and in our Terms & Conditions (here).

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