Become a guest Blogger

Become a guest Blogger

Welcome to our blog

Our blogs-section is a space for everyone we feel connected to and that feels connected to us. It is a space where one can express thoughts, opinions and share stories.  It’s also a platform to just wonder about the world of paid companionship.


The writings can be funny, sweet, questioning, provocative or contemplative. They can be personal, political, melancholic, sensual, sad or angry. They can be about high-class escort but also about other forms of sex work.

Bloggers and guest bloggers

On our blog page you will find contributions from us and our current and former courtesans, but we also invite you to send in your stories. Whether you are a customer, a member or a high class escort at The Courtesan Club or elsewhere or connected to us in a different way, we welcome your contribution. We will carefully review every entry before putting it online to ensure that it’s not insulting or exposing anyone.


We ask you that your writing directly or indirectly relates to the field of paid companionship. If necessary, we might edit your text, but we will not make any major changes without your explicit approval.  There are some guidelines we have written on how to write a blog. If you ask one of our staff members, she will happily send them to you.

Have fun reading and feel free to share your thoughts.

The Courtesan Club

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