What does ‘normal’ mean?

What does ‘normal’ mean?

What does ‘normal’ mean?

Exactly one year ago the idea of becoming a courtesan first crossed my mind. Interestingly, if someone had told me this before, I would have said that being a part of this industry was not for me. As if without realizing, I have certain beliefs of what does and does not suit me. Beliefs that do not find their base in actual knowledge, but rather on a socially formed opinion. Fortunately, I know better now! I enjoy the dates immensely. They make me feel so alive. This is even more so at a time when we cannot take things for granted any more and every special moment feels like a gift.


And this makes me curious. Curious about what other hidden beliefs I have about life and myself. Prompted by what is considered ‘normal’ in society, but in which other choices might suit me much better. As a courtesan I have the unique opportunity to hear many stories, for which I am very grateful.  I find these stories and experiences inspiring. Not so that I can follow them blindly. On the contrary, I like to discover new possibilities that may have been hidden before. Tucked away behind an image of what our society considers to be ‘normal’.

I am so curious about what I may discover throughout the years to come! I sincerely hope that at some point I will be able to reflect on my life while knowing that I made the most of it in a way that suits me.  A way whereby I did not limit myself by the opinions of others and society’s view on what’s ‘normal’.  Life is far too short and valuable for that!

Lucky to be a courtesan

Especially now in corona time I have become much more aware of how valuable life actually is. And how something that is so self-evident one day can suddenly be completely different the next. I’ve become aware of what a shame it is that I did not enjoy it more when it was still possible and so ‘normal’ to do. Aware of how important human contact actually is for us as human beings, both physically as well as mentally. Proximity is crucial not only with a physical but with a mental connection as well. Precisely that proximity (once so ‘normal’) is now discouraged. How incredibly great it is to still be able to have that human contact as a courtesan!

This period may also offer new perspectives on life. Away from the ‘normal’ as the whole society knows it, may offer infinite opportunities. We can now discover our own ‘normal’ and explore the countless possibilities that life itself has to offer. Replacing the old ‘normal’ with our own new ‘normal’ may not sound so crazy at all. In any case, I am certain that being a courtesan will continue to be part of my new ‘normal’!

Love Emma


What does ‘normal’ mean?

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