I miss you

I miss youClient TCC - May 2021

Covid-induced life restrictions made me think about time and how to invest it wisely.  As I sat through Zooms and weekdays and weekends began to blur, memories of our dates were my “human highlight film” of time well spent. The images on the site…

Dating a courtesan

Dating a courtesanClient TCC - Feb 2021

Some people are a bit different than others, even if that doesn’t clearly show. For those kinds of people, relationships and dating are not always easy. However, they sometimes need intimacy and sexuality as well. I am such a person. That’s why…

Love letter to my colleagues

Love letter to my colleaguesLucy - Dec 2020

Dear fellow courtesan, I see you. With your long flowing hair, blonde, brown or black, and the twinkle in your eyes. I’m used to working with pretty girls, but you all are so much more than just that. In my late teens, before I started my studies, I…

What does ‘normal’ mean?

What does ‘normal’ mean?Emma - Nov 2020

Exactly one year ago the idea of becoming a courtesan first crossed my mind. Interestingly, if someone had told me this before, I would have said that being a part of this industry was not for me. As if without realizing, I have certain beliefs of what…


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