JudgmentsGudrun - Oct 2020

Oxford Dictionary on ‘judgment’: an opinion that you form about something after thinking about it carefully; the act of making this opinion known to others;  something bad that happens to somebody that is thought to be a punishment from God;  the…

The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend ExperienceEmily - Sep 2020

I step out of the elevator in my high heels and figure-hugging dress hidden beneath my cloak. I look at the signs and turn left to look for the right room. 804, 805 and there it must be, 806. Is this really the right room? I check my phone one more time…

Covid sorrow

Covid sorrowLucy - May 2020

Deep down I’m an optimist. The more unpleasant the situation, the harder I try to find the silver lining. And the advantage of a – um – pandemic is that it’s suddenly very easy to view my life from a distance. Which friends will I wrap…


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