Favs. Private sauna

There is nothing more suitable for a break from hectic daily life than a visit to the sauna. Sweat out your stress and worries, while working on your immune system. A private sauna is also a great location for a steamy date with one of our exclusive high class escorts. You are isolated from the outside world, and can enjoy all facilities and each other without getting disturbed.

In a normal sauna, physical contact is generally not allowed, whether it is desired or not. In a private sauna however you can take things a step further. Enjoy an extensive erotic massage by your courtesan. Then let the temperature in the sauna rise further, followed by a cool down together in the jacuzzi. Most private saunas can be booked from 2 hours on. They even offer special arrangements such as a duo massage or a bottle of champagne. And in case you can’t get enough of each other: at some private saunas you can even spend the night.

A private sauna can be a good alternative to a hotel room. You can find them throughout the Netherlands. For example in Amstelveen (North-Holland, close to Amsterdam), where Atlantis Spa recently opened its doors. This is a luxurious private sauna complex with a swimming pool, which you can rent in its entirety. Or in Eindhoven, where you will find Spa040. Spa040 is a luxurious private sauna that’s been decorated with an eye for detail and equipped with modern wellness facilities.

For an overview of private saunas, please visit https://privesauna.nl/ 

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