We can’t wait

We can’t waitFeb 2021

We can’t wait to get back to…. putting our matchmaking skills into practice again; living up to our reputation as the best escort agency in The Netherlands; booking a luxury restaurant for an exciting client and his model escort; having a…

Dining out during lockdown

Dining out during lockdownDec 2020

Dining out during Covid at a regular restaurant is not possible at the moment, but hotel restaurants áre open to their guests. Enjoying a delicious dinner in the company of one of our courtesans and then continuing the fun in the intimacy of your hotel…

Favs. Private sauna

Favs. Private saunaDec 2020

There is nothing more suitable for a break from hectic daily life than a visit to the sauna. Sweat out your stress and worries, while working on your immune system. A private sauna is also a great location for a steamy date with one of our exclusive high…

Famous courtesans – Phryne

Famous courtesans – PhryneNov 2020

Phryne (Ancient Greek: Φρύνη) (born c. 371 BC) was an ancient Greek courtesan (hetaira).  She is best known for her trial for impiety, where she allegedly was defended by the orator Hypereides. Phryne’s real name was Mnesarete, but owing to…

Courtesan the origin

Courtesan the originOct 2020

The origin of the word ‘Courtesan’ –  the word Courtesan, also written as courtezan, meaning prostitute, stems from Middle French ‘courtisane’, from Italian cortigiana “prostitute,” literally “woman of the court”…

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Welcome to our Bulletin Board. Here you will find fun facts, favorites of all sorts and news feeds. We also welcome new courtesans on this page who have recently joined our club. Feel free to point out news articles or send us fun facts. Of course all posts shall be related to the sex industry.

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