Dionne tells the sequel of her a date with the gigolo she booked at Women of the World for her article for Viva magazine. She thinks it’s fantastic and starts to believe again that real gentlemen exist. Dionne completely forgets that this is an escort and feels like she has a real date with someone instead of an escort date.

‘Still reminiscing on the good food and the nice conversation we leave the restaurant together…’ That’s how Dionne ended her report of an evening out with a gigolo last week. And she’s far from finished with him.

Out and about with a real gigolo (2)

Carefully he grabs my hands. I melt on the spot …

Who is this guy? And why the hell did he become a gigolo and not just a father of three kids with a nice wife?

”It was actually recommended to me by girlfriends who were already in the business,” he says. “It was really something that I would like to do, they thought. He explains that he has a kinky side that is not reflected by his daily life. He has a college education and an office job during the day. Because he likes to pamper women and make them feel special, this side job seemed to be the right thing for him. “I just sent him a letter of application and told him honestly that I didn’t know how to be a gigolo and that I could use some help.”

The women who run the agency he applied for had every sympathy for his inexperience and he was able to work there immediately. It doesn’t surprise me that they hired him right away, because this man is not only very good-looking, he is also a very intelligent conversationalist.

He never cares about the looks of women. After all, he thinks they are all beautiful creatures, although he does have a preference for more mature women. According to him, they are a bit more self-assured and aware of their body. It has never happened before that he found someone so unattractive that he wouldn’t be able to please her. “If it did happen, I’d just honestly say it didn’t click. But I can’t imagine ever having to do anything like that. I love women too much for that.”

What kind of women rent a gigolo?

“Self-confident, independent women who don’t have time to find a nice date, but who would like to be pampered,” he says. Actually, that makes sense, self-conscious women. You have to know what you do and do not want when you order a gigolo. With ‘my’ gigolo you’re in really good hands if you’re insecure, but you also have men in this business who are very macho or even reminiscent of rude rednecks.

At work nobody knows what he is doing. “That’s not acceptable in that culture and I can’t financially survive by just being a gigolo.” He would love to, it seems wonderful to be able to turn his hobby into his profession. But there just aren’t enough women who want to pay for sex. In his circle of friends almost everyone knows that he has a sidejob. But he hasn’t told his family anything. “I could explain it to them, but I chose not to. Your parents are your parents, not your friends. Certain things parents just don’t want to know about their children.”

How’s it going when you’re really tired, I want to know. Suppose you went out for an evening, had a wild night and the next day you wake up and your phone says: you are booked to please a woman… But it turns out that such a thing hardly ever happens. “Women plan these kind of things far in advance, they almost never call spontaneously in a frisky mood,” my gigolo tells me. “Once they’ve decided they want to be pampered for an evening, they grab their agenda and see when they have time.”

Strange, I think. Imagine if you ordered it for next week and your sexy hormones are suddenly taking a nap, then what? ”A lot of women don’t necessarily care about (penetration) sex,” he explains. ”What they want is attention and affection. And that’s what I’m here to give them. What happens next is always a game of wait and see. Of course, I’ll steer them a bit in a certain direction. When I see a woman nervous or insecure, I try to put her at ease.” I’ve seen how he does that.

Carefully he takes my hands, which of course tremble from nervousness, between his hands and then gently blows on them. “Are you cold?” he asks. Believe me, you melt on the spot. His hands are awfully soft and his grip is firm. You get all the attention in the world. He gives the right compliments and he makes you feel like the most beautiful, most special woman in the world. Every now and then he whispers some love in your ear. And at a certain moment he asks if you want to go to the bedroom, or if you want to stay on the couch for a while. Thanks to the quiet way he introduces everything, he never makes you feel uncomfortable.

Can you actually be in a relationship if you do this job?

What is very remarkable is the fact that he meets at the home of his clients. A hotel would make the whole thing far too expensive. “Besides, it would make some women feel dirty.” I don’t know if I’d open my house for that. I think it’s too personal. Although it’s a given that he would be on his way before you would go to bed. If that’s what you want, of course. You see, it’s also possible to keep him all night. It hasn’t happened yet, but he certainly would, he says. Of course, a special rate is then agreed upon. A gigolo costs € 150 per hour. You would sleep a lot less quietly if you had to pay the full price.

Can you actually be in a relationship if you do this job, I ask. That turns out to be very complicated. “I have had relationships, but eventually they want me for themselves and that is not possible. It would be ideal if I could find someone who can live with my side job. However, at some point you might fall in love so much that you give up this profession.” He doesn’t really miss a relationship, he says. And although he is very fond of children, he has no desire to have them himself.

I look deeply into his eyes

That last comment makes me curious about his age. “Guess”, he asks. If there is one thing that annoys me, it’s when someone asks me to guess how old he is. I always guess the right age, while the person in question has the idea of ​​looking many years younger. In order not to offend anyone, I usually politely refuse. Except this time. He doesn’t look like someone who wants to remain young even if he is terribly old. I look deeply into his eyes, think to myself: he is probably 32. Just to be safe, I say: “29?”

“Great, you can stay,” he says, laughing. “I’m in fact 38.” I find it incredible. This man really doesn’t have any wrinkles. No boring conversations, nothing that would remind me of an “older person”.

I’m sure you often experience fun things in this profession, I say. “Oh yes, enough!” He replies smiling. “I recently rang the doorbell of a woman who got me as a present for her thirtieth birthday, for example. Her friends had promised her that years earlier: if you turn thirty and you don’t have a husband yet, we will hire one for you. She had long since forgotten that and so she looked very surprised. Especially because she had recently met someone with whom it seemed to get serious. But she laughed about it and despite everything we still had a nice evening.”

And I can imagine that very well after my evening with this man. Oh, how did we say goodbye, you wonder? The gigolo gives me a polite kiss and thanks me (!) for the wonderful evening. He goes to the right and I go to the left, to my own home. As I wrote last week: there was no chocolate involved. For me, chocolate is a special after-sex dessert. Which does not mean that I do not eat it at other times, though …

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